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Untreated dental problems can cause:
  1. Chronic Pain and Discomfort.
  2. Gum Disease.
  3. Tooth Loss.
  4. Bad Breath.
  5. Higher Medical Costs.
  6. Nutritional Deficiencies.
  7. Impact on Mental Health.

At Pines Palm Dental,
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Expert Dental Care

Your health is our priority. At Pines Palm Dental, we combine decades of expertise with the latest in dental technology to provide top-tier, comprehensive care. Every visit is a step toward optimal oral health and overall wellness.

Treatment Plans

Your unique smile deserves customized care. We listen to your goals and concerns to create tailored treatment plans that address your individual needs. Our dedicated team ensures a personal approach to your dental journey.

Caring Support

Your comfort is essential to us. Experience the warmth and genuine care of our staff with every appointment. We're not just your dental providers; we're your partners in maintaining a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Top-rated care
400+ reviews

"Friendly staff that greet and treat everyone like part of a family. Dr. Gutierrez is an expert in his field, up to date on all the latest technology, providing a very thorough and comprehensive service."


"I have been going to this office for 7 years. Amazing Staff and Dentist! Definitely recommend."


"Best service, excellent customer experience and state of the art equipment, always right on time with the appointments."


Comprehensive Dental Care
for the Entire Family

At Pines Palm Dental, we combine state-of-the-art technology with personalized care to transform your smile and enrich your health. Experience comprehensive dentistry that not only perfects your smile but also enhances your overall well-being. With us, achieving your best smile and optimal health isn't just a goal—it's a guarantee.

Transformative Smile Solutions

Explore Transformative Smile Solutions at Pines Palm Dental, where we enhance your smile and confidence through advanced cosmetic services. From Dental Veneers and Teeth Whitening to comprehensive Smile Makeovers and innovative Orthodontics, start your journey to a flawless smile today.


Health & Wellness Oral Care

Prioritize your oral health and well-being with our Health & Wellness Oral Care. From preventive cleanings to advanced treatments and restorative procedures, we ensure a foundation for lasting dental health and an enhanced quality of life.



Encounter immediate dental relief with our Urgent Care Services. We promptly address toothaches, damage, abscesses, and avulsions to alleviate pain and prevent complications, ensuring swift, decisive action for acute dental emergencies.


Advanced Implant Dentistry Solutions

Elevate your dental health with our Advanced Implant Dentistry Solutions. From single implants to full arch restorations, we offer stable, aesthetic, and functional solutions for all forms of tooth loss. Transform your smile with our state-of-the-art implant technology.


Tailored Dental Services for Seniors

At Pines Palm Dental, we offer Tailored Dental Services for Seniors, focusing on comprehensive oral health from restorative dentistry to personalized gum care and oral hygiene education. Our comfortable, accessible care includes support for Medicare Advantage Plans, ensuring senior smiles remain bright and healthy.


Meet Your Dental Care Experts

Our team of skilled doctors works collaboratively to ensure every patient receives the highest standard of dental care.

Dr. Fernando Gutierrez, DDS

Dr. Fernando Gutierrez, DDS, boasts over 20 years of dental expertise, specializing in advanced surgical procedures and comprehensive general dentistry. As the owner of Pines Palm Dental, he sets a high standard of care with his leadership and mastery in complex treatments and implants, ensuring excellence across all services.

Dr. Sandra Oilar, DDS

Dr. Sandra Oilar, DDS, enriches Pines Palm Dental with her extensive experience, spanning over 15 years in orthodontics and general dentistry. Her focus on invisible orthodontics and comprehensive dental care ensures personalized treatments that achieve optimal health and aesthetic goals for every patient.

Dr. Juan Fernando Cobo, DDS

Dr. Juan Fernando Cobo, DDS, has over 20 years of experience in general and restorative dentistry. His deep knowledge and skill set in various dental treatments contribute significantly to the quality of care offered at Pines Palm Dental, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients.


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